Samuel's Story

samuelSamuel* just celebrated his 80th birthday with his family who made a special trip to Florida for the occasion. At his party, he said, “I never thought I would live to be this old… and that I’d have more doctors than I have children!”

Although Samuel is still able to live at home by himself, he faces the kinds of health problems that are common for seniors. He feels like each time something goes wrong, it means more doctors, different prescriptions and lots of things to remember. Samuel knows his memory is not what it used to be and keeping track of all the appointments is a chore. He forgot to ask an important question at his last appointment, and he’s frustrated when there’s not a lot of time to speak with the doctor. At times, it seems that each physician is treating just one problem, and no one is seeing the whole picture.

Fortunately, Samuel heard about Hope PACE and decided to enroll. The doctor at the Hope Health Center knows Samuel on a first-name basis. She’s familiar with Samuel’s entire medical history and has a lot of time to answer questions. Samuel doesn’t feel like a number anymore. He gets a lot of attention, and his family couldn’t be happier. In fact, they’re already planning another trip to Florida for his next birthday! They're going to take Samuel up on his offer of a personalized tour of the Hope Health Center after they arrive.

* The story and image do not represent an actual patient, but is intended to help illustrate the services provided by Hope PACE.