Marge's Story

margeNo one would ever have described Marge* as a wallflower. She had activities scheduled for almost every night of the week - bowling on Tuesdays, a book club on Thursdays, and salsa dancing lessons on Friday nights. She was a volunteer, an enthusiastic gardener, and a champion Bingo player.

Unfortunately that was all before Marge fell and broke her hip. Even after extensive therapy, it was difficult to get around. Soon her limited mobility and other health problems, including poor eyesight, forced her to quit driving. Her once thriving social life was gone. Close friends and neighbors came to visit, and her daughter helped her to get groceries, but Marge was usually alone. Most of her time was now spent indoors, watching television or playing Solitare. Marge was overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness and despair - until she found Hope PACE.

Now Marge attends the Hope Health Center several days a week. She’s made lots of new friends, and together they enjoy different activities every day. In fact, Marge has quite a reputation among the other participants at the center. She’s won so many rounds of Bingo, she’s been nicknamed the Bingo Queen!

* The story and image do not represent an actual patient, but is intended to help illustrate the services provided by Hope PACE.