Joe's Story

joeGrowing up in the country, Joe* had always loved the open road. In his retirement, Joe moved to Southwest Florida, where the traffic was considerably heavier.  A few years ago, Joe had a minor car accident. No one was seriously hurt, but Joe started feeling more anxious on the road. At first, he only stopped driving at night. When complications from diabetes forced Joe to have surgery on his foot, he decided it was time to stop driving altogether.

Getting to doctor’s appointments became a source of constant stress. He would arrange for a ride, only to have his doctor’s office cancel the appointment.

After joining Hope PACE, Joe didn’t have to worry about transportation anymore. Finding a ride to the Hope Health Center and other essential appointments was no longer a source of anxiety. A large, air-conditioned van picked Joe up right at home and dropped him off exactly where he needed to be. It was comfortable, convenient and free.

Joe quickly became friends with some of the van’s drivers. Even though it’s a short ride from Joe’s house to the Hope Health Center, he gets to chat with them about the latest news. The drivers know Joe very well - they can always count on him for at least one great joke that will keep them laughing all day.

* The story and image do not represent an actual patient, but is intended to help illustrate the services provided by Hope PACE.